PKNS Opens Real Estate Academy To Meet Staff Training Needs

Last update: 05/10/2010PETALING JAYA, Oct 5 (Bernama) -- The Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) today opened a real estate academy to meet staff training requirements and to forge tie-ups with foreign institutions to offer certificate courses for its employees.

General Manager Othman Omar said the course modules would be tailor-made to PKNS' needs.

The institutes are Society of Business Practitioners, International Professional Managers' Association, University of Derby and Institute of Administrative Management from the United Kingdom and Paris Graduates School of Management in France.

The academy, located at the PKNS headquarters in Petaling Jaya, is a branch of the PKNS human resource division, he told reporters after the academy opening.

Started operations in April 2010, the academy is working with several local consultants to conduct property-related seminars.

Asked on his views about Malaysia's real estate sector, Othman said the property sector needs to instil more awareness among foreign investors.

"Due to certain reasons, foreign investors have bought expensive assets in the countries in this region, but I think if the investors see the more competitive property value in Malaysia, more investors will come here (Malaysia)," he said.

He said foreign investors were scared to invest in Malaysia as they were afraid of certain phrases like "Bumiputera quota".

"Hence, PKNS, will join hands with the government, to boost awareness and promotions to highlight Malaysia's property value to foreign investors.

"I think it is the responsibility of the government and PKNS to increase awareness among investors so that they won't be confused and hesitate to invest in Malaysia.

"We need to host more promotions and roadshows to highlight what is being offered by the country's property sector," he added.